Episode 061 – The Jack Buzzy Show

Last week Bill signed away our souls and the format of our show to Michael Jordan and the NPA due to such frivolous violations as “too many deaths” occurring during our broadcasts. What a load of bull!

Starting with this episode, the format is a little bit different – the NPA dropped off a storage container full of old tapes and we’re supposed to just play a different one each episode. Nobody has ever even heard of this show or the host of this show before, but maybe we’ll uncover some secret gems. Until then, ladies and gentlemen, please try to enjoy The Jack Buzzy Show!

Episode 060 – Bill Again

If you’re wondering where Corey and Justin are this week, they’re gone! We tallied your votes and listened to your demands and finally granted your wishes. BILL, friend of the show, has taken over hosting duties this week. Joining him as co-hosts, from Bill’s Book Club, are two weird old men, one of which has a severe hearing problem. The trio talk about the latest book they read and run through some class Dave’s World classics–with a twist! That’s because this isn’t DAVE’S WORLD, this is BILL’s WORLD!! Enjoy!

Episode 059 – The Hack Extinction

On this week’s episode we say farewell to that dastardly, and not to mention COWARDLY, hacker. Clearly we spooked them with our special bulletin and now that they know we mean business, it’s back to business as usual. We check out the TWEET OF THE WEEK, introduce brand new WIKI OF THE WEEK and talk some smack and eat some snacks! Then Corey totally goes all Marc Maron and WTF’s Justin for a good 10 – 15 minutes and the show is legitimately not funny but then it picks up again when some CRAZY OLD GUY named Reggie shows up! AAaaaahahaha oh Reggie. Will you ever learn?


Hey folks – as you may have already found out, we have a hacker here at Dave’s World. They have infiltrated our social media platforms and are making WILD accusations about us and the show. We want you to know that anything they are saying is FALSE and we will NOT succumb to their treachery.


Episode 058 – 2Sein

In this episode, we announce the results of our “switch up the format” poll! We had a lot of great suggestions and we tried just about all of them!

One of them happened to be a request for more big celebrity guests and who could be bigger than JERRY SEINFELD?! Jerry decided to stop in between his busy shoots of Seinfeld and Comedians in Cars Drinking Coffee to answer some questions from some of the people on Facebook who don’t listen/even like our show!

We also discuss how What’s Trending on Facebook isn’t funny anymore and the future of the United States goes up in flames before our very eyes! YOU FUCKING COWARDS

Episode 057 – Balaad

An episode in which Justin reviews a new Thermos, a former potential rock-star drops by and we once again see What’s Trending on Facebook! Oh, also the Tweet of the week! Can’t forget to mention the tweet of the week. I think it might be our best segment yet. Don’t want it to get lost in the shuffle. There are more characters in the tweet of the week than I think we’ve ever had on the show. I mean people. People that we’ve had on the show.

Episode 056 – Bill Switch

We got a Bill show this week! Oh wait. I mean a BIG show. A Big Bill Show, in fact!

That’s right, fan-favorite Bill returns to Dave’s World this week! We play This or That, What’s Trending on Facebook and a few brand-new segments! Also we watched a weird movie and Bill loses his fucking mind.

Episode 055 – Excelsior Deo

We have not one but two special guests on the show today! Co-hosting with us is our friend Bill! Bill is brand new to the show and literally the only person we’ve had on who isn’t some kind of weird freak with a complex and an agenda. Well, as far as we know anyway.

But if there is one thing we DO know about Bill, it’s that he LOVES comedy! And that brings us to our second guest – “New York City’s Comedian” Mickey Spanelli! Mickey was kind of enough to bring his special flare of New York Attitude all the way to the Dave’s World Studios to share some jokes, some laughs, and some dog food. Wait, what? Dog food??? HA!! What’ll we think of next??

Note: Sorry about the technical glitches at a couple of spots. While they are unfixable and weird, they also sound kind of cool.

Episode 054 – Folie à Trois

I really want to sing this episode’s praises, but mostly it made my head hurt. I’m not sure why. I felt fine before we started recording. But once we started, things just felt really off. I don’t know. I’m not saying it’s not a great episode! There’s just… nevermind. I’ll just get to it.

On this week’s episode our special guest is the (self-proclaimed) Improv King Clancy Smathers! We hadn’t seen or heard from Clancy in awhile and to be honest I was fine with that, but apparently he’s become somewhat of a fan favorite. And we’re nothing if not generous to our fan(s) here at Dave’s World, so here you go! Round two of Clancy Smathers!

We also do a Popeye Round-up, friends of the show Bruce Springsteen AND Matt Damon call in and we have a four-way discussion about the last X-Files episode and we top it off with a Facebook Round-Up! Enjoy!

Episode 053 – Chocolate Falls

What a SWEET show! We’ve got Dwayne Dazzle from the Dazzle Chocolate Factory talking about the secret behind his delicious Dazzle Chocolate Bars! Also we see What’s Trending on Facebook, we give a shout-out to a brand new podcast we found and we review the first episode of the new X-FILES SIX EPISODE EVENT!! And did I hear there was a Towlie-Ban?