Episode 036 – The Get Fucked Variation

Hey everybody! So, first, we have some sad news for fans of GET FUCKED with Justin Passino. GET FUCKED is no more! Yes, Dave’s World will be returning to it’s regular schedule with both Corey AND Justin.

I won’t get into exactly what happened, because to be honest the events that occurred are quite confusing and somewhat terrifying. And besides, it’s all laid out on this episode. So if you’ve been following Dave’s World from the beginning, this episode is totally for you. If you HAVEN’T been following from the beginning, I suggest you catch up a bit. OR do whatever you want. I mean, who are we to tell you what you should do. We only write the thing. WHAT DO WE KNOW??????

ALSO FEATURED THIS EPISODE is the return of Critically Acclaimed Director DENNY PENDLETON here to promote his new film, we have a little clip-show in remembrance of GET FUCKED, some POPEYE ROUND-UP, What’s Trending on Facebook and we play a game! And then some creepy shit goes down!! Figuratively!!

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Episode 035 – Gronktesque

What happens when a 6’6” monster named Gronkowski with giant hands, super-human strength, the speed of a cheetah and the ability to carry a football through a wall of 3,000 men suddenly turns on the human race and earth’s only hope is a radio host, a Meninist Nerd from the Deep Web and a Butt Scientist? This episode happens! This one right here! That scenario perfectly describes the episode you are about to listen to right now!!

Episode 034 – Fuck Trip

EPISODE THREE OF GET FUCKED IS HERE!!! On today’s show we have World Renowned Sports Caster VANCE PATTERSON to talk about sports. Yea. Sports. Not a big SPORTS GUY myself but hopefully someone who listens to this is! I’m trying to expand my demographic here! We talk about lots of sports stuff and find out what exactly makes a Sports Broadcaster TICK. Turns out it’s a lot of RAGE folks. I’m talking about THE DARKNESS THAT LIVES WITHIN US ALL.

Also, as always, some great riffs by yours truly and some feisty spiders.

Episode 033 – Endzone Game

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?!  It’s a Dave’s World party!

We have what may be the most exciting and athletic episode of Dave’s World yet as Tyler “Slowpoke” Walters joins us for our big Dave’s World Monday Night Football extravaganza.  This week we’re talking skins – pigskins, potato skins, skinned knees, skin grafts – all the skins your stomach can take!  We’ve got our finger on the pulse of the first week of action in the NFL, plus we get down and dirty with our own fantasy football league.

Please note: if you are NOT ready for some football, then do not come over tonight.  This episode is for all of our rowdy friends only.  Thanks for understanding!  LET’S GO, NON-RACIST FOOTBALL TEAMS!!!

Episode 032 – Lord of the Fucks

HEY. JUSTIN HERE. BROADCASTING FROM THE SHED. We’ve got another great episode of GET FUCKED for ya! For Episode 2 I interviewed Brendel Manches, a big-shot Hollywood writer who has several vacation homes and has written for a number of television shows including Friends, Perfect Strangers, Family Matters and Emergency Room (ER)! He also has a couple of films under his belt such as The Wolf of Wall Street and Despicable Me 2!

This was a really great interview and I’m pretty proud of how this show has been going so far. DAMN THE MAN, SAVE THE EMPIRE!!!! DAVE LIVES!!!


Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Episode 031 – Jump The Squatch

Listen, I don’t know what the hell kind of bullcrap Justin is trying to pull by throwing his own show up on the Dave’s World Radio Network but I’ve had about enough of it.  I’m changing the passwords to the website, I’m changing the locks on the doors, and I’m changing the format of the show again.  WE WILL NOT BE HELD DOWN BY JUSTIN’S SHITTY ATTITUDE.

This week on the show, Big King Cat comes back to take us on a Squatch hunt.  That’s right – we’re heading into the Mountains of Appalachia to find ourselves a Sasquatch!  I, Corey, sit down with the animal expert himself to relive our harrowing experience and maybe even have a chuckle or two at the trouble in which we found ourselves during our excursion.

So get on your long johns and your hiking boots – it’s time for a Squatch Watch!

Episode 030 – Fuck Club

Justin here. If you’re looking for a new Dave’s World episode, then you’ve come to the wrong place!! I quit that show 2 weeks ago and I have no intention of going back. I’m leaving that to Corey.

BUT if you’re looking for a NEW show that’s REAL and EDGY and REAL EDGY and HONEST and EMOTIONAL then you HAVE come to the right place! Because this upload marks the first episode of my NEW podcast GET FUCKED WITH JUSTIN PASSINO.

That’s right, I’ve taken it to the shed! We’re going to get down and dirty and bloody! Well, not real blood. But metaphorically!

I’m honored to say my first guest is an acclaimed author who has written several self-help books in his journey to inner-peace. His name is Master Yohan Biley CBM and he is promoting his new book, You Are You and the Only You is You; Finding the Youness in You.

There is a fierceness in this interview that is hard to articulate so I’ll leave you to experience it yourself. ENJOY and, as always, GET FUCKED!


Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Episode 029 – Variété à Deux

I hope you’re not looking for Justin because that sorry, no-good son of a gun is nowhere to be found!  Instead, this show can finally be what it was always mean to be – a serious show with serious guests!

Join me, Corey, as I welcome famed actor Zachariah Reese; animal expert Big King Cat; and musical guest, the always enchanting Jean Luc JeanValjean.  It’s time to get real with The Dave’s World Variety Hour!

Episode 028 – Face Space

Arnold Mayweather comes on the show to talk about the new Social Networking site about to sweep the nation: FACESPACE2.BIZ !! Watch out Facebook and Myspace!


Also, we talk about The Wire, Justin quits the podcast and we have everyone’s new favorite segment, What’s Trending on Facebook!

Episode 027 – 2Shite

This week, we experiment with panning microphones to try and get consistent levels!  Also, former motivational speaker Ronald Shite stops by to talk about his life, his new career, and his theories on the war we’re about to see blow wide open between The Pig Men and The (bad) Gold Men.

Listen quick, though – Ronald’s new partner is just two days shy of retirement!