Episode 026 – Bad Blood Is Not a Verified Side Effect of Drinking Slurve

What a doozy we have this week!  On a show rife with technical difficulties, we also experience some mental and spiritual difficulties.  A representative from Slurve drops by to let us all take a peek behind the curtain and see how one of the largest multi-national corporations in the world operates*.

We’ve also got games!  Games!  Not one but TWO!

The opinions and statements made in this episode do not necessarily reflect the views of Slurve Pharmaceutical Holdings and Tire Discount Warehouse, Inc.

Episode 025 – How the Ghostbusters Stole Christmas

Our special guest this week is Tyler “Slowpoke” Walters from the Reddit forums here to discuss his thoughts on the all-female Ghostbusters reboot and boy does he discuss his thoughts.

Also we talk Jurassic World, Donald Trump and then something unexpected happens in the second half of the show that is absolutely nothing to worry about.

Oh and like 5 motorcycles drive by.

Episode 022 – Blue Fathers

Technical difficulties ahoy!  Had some issues getting the show uploaded this week, but just like any good father it has finally arrived – better late than never!

Happy Father’s Day! We’ve got the big Father’s Day episode for you here on Dave’s World! Corey has his father coming on the show for the first time and they’re going to re-connect! ALSO we have the official WORLD’S GREATEST DAD as our second guest! He’s going to tell us his story and give all the Dads out there some awesome tips on fatherhood.

Lastly, we have a new sponsor: SHRED CITY. Randy Durr has been running Shred City for years and years now and they’re having a big Father’s Day sale. So grab your Dad, pop a squat and enjoy today’s episode brought to you by Shred City!

Episode 021 – The Heavy Ride

Disaster has struck the Dave’s World studio! That’s right, Justin has been bed-ridden with a mysterious illness that may or may not have been caused by some dietary supplements he has been taking. But never fear, CHASE WRINGER is here!

That’s right, we have country music superstar Chase Wringer on the show! He is co-hosting the entire hour and will be playing a few new songs from his new album “You’ll Never Catch Me Now” out on July 4th!

So saddle up, listeners for the big Country Show and get ready to take that heavy ride!

Episode 020 – The Georgia Devil

We have what many critics are calling our most star-studded episode yet! Join us as we welcome famed adventurer and archeologist Indiana Jones to the show to discuss his latest trials and tribulations.

Then, The Devil gets his due with Satan himself joins Dave’s World to talk about life, love, and his new reality TV show “Celebrity Hell House” premiering on VH1.

It’s The Big Show!

Episode 019 – Leonard Bets the Price of Eggs in Mobile, Alabama is cheaper than the Price of Eggs in Los Angeles, California

Today we have Senior Travel Correspondent, Leonard Appleton who is going to give us some travel tips and talk about the many places he’s visited over the past 80+ years!

Also we play a new game on the show called “I Know What You Did” and, lastly, Episode 05 the Popeye’s Chicken Round-Up Brought To You By Popeye’s Chicken!

Episode 018 – Sleepless in Plattsburgh

That’s right, we’re on the road! In this episode we visit beautiful and scenic Plattsburgh, NY! And in classic Dave’s World fashion, we ended up broadcasting from fan-favorite Matt Hall’s apartment above a bar and next to a river! Also, at the request of you, the listener, we finally fixed Matt’s microphone so you can finally hear him after 18 episodes of technical difficulties. You’re welcome.

Also on the show we check-in with the Zoo Crew, Calvin Brookfield: Master Impressionist stops by and someone from the bar outside says the N-Word! Wow!

Episode 017 – Spectacles and Wonders

Oh wow do we have a great episode for you this week. A MAGICAL episode, if you will. On the show we have “The One True King of Magic and Suspense” Rontonomo Bay who will be performing a “Spectacle of Sight and Sound”!

Also Marty Davenfield stops by unexpectedly with his review of Mad Max: Fury Road and Marnie makes her first appearance on Dave’s World! Hey Marnie <3<3<3<3<3<3!!!