Episode 016 – The Improv King

Happy Mothers Day everyone! Well, almost everyone! If that’s your thing?

On this episode we have Television Producer Eric Rickroll who has been shopping around a BRAND NEW television show! And he decided to stop by the studio to tell us all about it! We also have self-proclaimed “Improv King” Clancy Smathers on to talk about the art of improvisational comedy.

So why don’t ya grab your Mom and have a sit and listen? Why don’t ya? Hm? What? You have other things you could be doing? Don’t have time for your poor old podcast? You know, you could call more often. We’d really appreciate it.

Episode 015 – Motivational Man

It’s our first BIG SUNDAY show at our new day and time! SUNDAY at 2PM! SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!

Today’s guest is Motivational Speaker Ronald Shit (pronounced shy-te) and he has a lot of wisdom to offer as well as a lot of poorly kept secrets. So we end up taking a few calls from some die-hard listeners looking for advice and boy howdy do they get some advice!

Also we talk about the new James Spader film Avengers: Age of ALL TRON while Corey struggles to breathe through all of the mold currently residing in his sinuses. So make sure to check out this episode because it could be his last! Because he could die. Because of the mold.

Episode 014 – The Business Way

Welcome to the big business show! This episode features not one, but two different guests with very different backgrounds in business!

Entrepreneur Tad Lapley stops by with some advice for young business owners as well as some very intriguing new restaurant ideas. Ideas that my parents and anyone under 18 would not be interested in at all, so, please Mom & Dad and all minors feel free to pass over Tad Lapley’s restaurant ideas because trust me they’re really only interesting to those who are over the age of 18 and those who are not related to me in any way.

ALSO we’ve got Millionaire and Real Estate Mogul Felix Cracker on the show to promote his new crowd-funding idea. An idea that dog-lovers would not be interested in at all so please all dog-lovers feel free to pass over this interview and actually you know what Mom & Dad, you can go ahead and just skip this entire episode.

Episode 013 – Stan Tamble’s “From Outer Space”

We’ve got local Community Conspiracy Theorist Stan Tamble on the show tonight with some updates on what’s going on in his neighborhood. And, later on, we get a little spooky! Also, we get Showtime! Yes, the premium cable channel. We didn’t ask for it but Bill the cable guy signed us up for some free Showtime trial at the beginning of the show without even asking so now we’ve gotta figure out how to cancel that. Ugh. Who the hell even watches Showtime? I mean there was Dexter but that tanked after Season 4. I didn’t even finish it. I mean, after awhile it was just the same thing over and over again, Dexter kills someone, almost gets caught, gets away, kills again. Booooooooring. John Lithgow’s character was cool though. Wish they hadn’t killed him off.

Episode 009 – The Swan River Variant

On this episode, Corey is out of the studio visiting Dave and “Noted” “horror” “author” Rik Scarlett drops by to promote his new set of “novels”: Swan Shiver and Hill’s Demons. Rik Scarlett has been described as “Stephen King meets Danielle Steel meets Tom Clancy”–at least that’s what it said on the greasy piece of paper Mr. Scarlett’s “agent” shoved in my face.

I, Justin, have personally never read his “novels” but I try my best to get down to what makes Rik Scarlett tick and what I found may horrify you. Or confuse you. Probably more the latter than the former. But we’ll let Rik Scarlett’s “fans” and you, the listener, decide.

Special Episode! Bruce Trombley Interviews Author Rik Scarlett

We’re uploading a classic interview with Rik Scarlett from 2010 to promote our interview with him coming up on this week’s episode! Hear some excerpts of his last chilling trilogy of books as well as the witty banter we’ve come to appreciate from both Rik and award-winning host Bruce Trombley.

Episode 008 – These Impressions Are Not Happening

Calvin Brookwood, master impressionist, stops by the studio to kill some time and kill some impressions. Also Justin heads right into the Danger Zone when he admits he has never seen Top Gun, Corey tells a funny story, a local business owner stops by unannounced and the rest of the show is basically just Tom Petty worship.