Episode 007 – Darkness Falls on the Edge of Town

This episode is filled with Thrills! And also spills! And maybe some chills if you listen hard enough. Actually, if we’re going to get down to it, the show is 80% Thrill, 19% Spill and 1% Chill.

We have our big interview with Dave and a Huge Manatee at the hospital! And then The Wolf, The Bear and the Crazy Doctor from the THURSDAY NIGHT FART MACHINE stop by with some celebrity gossip and a healthy helping of that sweet, sweet flatulence everyone loves. Also we play This or That with a very LUCKY fan and lastly a very special guest calls in. I won’t ruin it for you but his first name rhymes with Spruce and his last name rhymes with Springsteen… it’s Bruce Springteen. You know, the singer/songwriter.

Episode 005 – Nothing Important Happened 2Nite

Tonight we present to you what people are already calling “The Worst Episode Ever”. We’ve got YouTube Sensation Chad Thompson who will be defending the world record for holding a plastic bag over his face. We’ve also got a special tribute to Dave and Marnie, a call from Hollywood Superstar Mark Wahlberg, an update on Dave’s Health and a really cool echo/feedback loop that makes us sound like we’re playing the theme song from a canyon in Hell. Enjoy!

Episode 004 – Three Words (Hail Lord Satan)

On this episode we pour Chinese food into our gaping maws, a special guest muses on multiple mysteries amid Madonna and Missy Elliott, we play a couple games, have a couple laughs and debut an EXCLUSIVE clip from the new Legend of Zelda series on Netflix! Also, there’s a weird echo in the background the entire show so listening once is almost like listening twice and while three may be the bees knees, twice can never be not nice. Hail Satan.

Episode 003 – The Field Where I’m Your Dad

On this week’s show we talk SUPER BOWL and SUPER BOWL ADS! And even Super Bowl DADS! Also Corey’s got a problem with the “U.S. Postal Service” (whatever that is) and we get a special update on Dave’s health! Check it out!

“This is not an exact science. If it were me, I’d be on the guy 24/7. I’d be in bed with him kissing his holy ass.” ~ Special Agent Fox Mulder