Episode 013 – Stan Tamble’s “From Outer Space”

We’ve got local Community Conspiracy Theorist Stan Tamble on the show tonight with some updates on what’s going on in his neighborhood. And, later on, we get a little spooky! Also, we get Showtime! Yes, the premium cable channel. We didn’t ask for it but Bill the cable guy signed us up for some free Showtime trial at the beginning of the show without even asking so now we’ve gotta figure out how to cancel that. Ugh. Who the hell even watches Showtime? I mean there was Dexter but that tanked after Season 4. I didn’t even finish it. I mean, after awhile it was just the same thing over and over again, Dexter kills someone, almost gets caught, gets away, kills again. Booooooooring. John Lithgow’s character was cool though. Wish they hadn’t killed him off.

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