Episode 014 – The Business Way

Welcome to the big business show! This episode features not one, but two different guests with very different backgrounds in business!

Entrepreneur Tad Lapley stops by with some advice for young business owners as well as some very intriguing new restaurant ideas. Ideas that my parents and anyone under 18 would not be interested in at all, so, please Mom & Dad and all minors feel free to pass over Tad Lapley’s restaurant ideas because trust me they’re really only interesting to those who are over the age of 18 and those who are not related to me in any way.

ALSO we’ve got Millionaire and Real Estate Mogul Felix Cracker on the show to promote his new crowd-funding idea. An idea that dog-lovers would not be interested in at all so please all dog-lovers feel free to pass over this interview and actually you know what Mom & Dad, you can go ahead and just skip this entire episode.

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