Episode 022 – Blue Fathers

Technical difficulties ahoy!  Had some issues getting the show uploaded this week, but just like any good father it has finally arrived – better late than never!

Happy Father’s Day! We’ve got the big Father’s Day episode for you here on Dave’s World! Corey has his father coming on the show for the first time and they’re going to re-connect! ALSO we have the official WORLD’S GREATEST DAD as our second guest! He’s going to tell us his story and give all the Dads out there some awesome tips on fatherhood.

Lastly, we have a new sponsor: SHRED CITY. Randy Durr has been running Shred City for years and years now and they’re having a big Father’s Day sale. So grab your Dad, pop a squat and enjoy today’s episode brought to you by Shred City!

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