Episode 031 – Jump The Squatch

Listen, I don’t know what the hell kind of bullcrap Justin is trying to pull by throwing his own show up on the Dave’s World Radio Network but I’ve had about enough of it.  I’m changing the passwords to the website, I’m changing the locks on the doors, and I’m changing the format of the show again.  WE WILL NOT BE HELD DOWN BY JUSTIN’S SHITTY ATTITUDE.

This week on the show, Big King Cat comes back to take us on a Squatch hunt.  That’s right – we’re heading into the Mountains of Appalachia to find ourselves a Sasquatch!  I, Corey, sit down with the animal expert himself to relive our harrowing experience and maybe even have a chuckle or two at the trouble in which we found ourselves during our excursion.

So get on your long johns and your hiking boots – it’s time for a Squatch Watch!

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