Episode 039 – Musings of a Democratic Socialist Man

We’re back from our forced Columbus Day break, and we’re back in a big way! This may be the biggest episode of Dave’s World yet as we welcome three of the nominees for the Democratic Presidential nomination. Our favorite guy in the world, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders drops in to talk about politics, life, podcasts, and the trials and tribulations of the first Democratic Debate. He’s only with us for a short time as this is the start of his national podcast tour, but his wit and wisdom resonate for the entire hour.

Lincoln Chafee also stops by to deliver his thoughts and excuses to a very captive audience.

Who made it past Nitro and Laser? Which candidate was able to make it through Assault? And which competitor stood tall after running through The Eliminator? Find out this week on Dave’s World!

Oh yeah, Jim Webb is here too.

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