Episode 040 – Fresh Heads

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnndddd we are at EPISODE 40! Wow! And you said we’d never get this far. Yes, you. The one reading this. I know what you’ve been saying, we know the shit you’ve been talking. Well we’re still going strong, so IN YOUR FACE! Forty!! Forty hours deep!

And for our big 40th episode we not only have What’s Trending on Facebook. We not only have a Popeye Round-up. No, no no. We ALSO have….a GUEST! Yes, someone on the show that is not Corey or myself! Wow! Isn’t that great?

This episode’s guest is Hans Dwyer of the russian/swedish/german heavy metal band SEVERED HEAD. Severed Head has a new EP out called Pile of Heads that Hans is here to promote as well as other delightful anecdotes and pleasantries to share. So why don’t you get those jammies on, curl up on the floor and be sure to keep those hands over your mouth so your neighbors won’t hear the sobbing! And when you’re done with that, enjoy our 40th episode! See you at 41!

What’s Trending on Facebook/ “Quirky Dog”
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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