Episode 054 – Folie à Trois

I really want to sing this episode’s praises, but mostly it made my head hurt. I’m not sure why. I felt fine before we started recording. But once we started, things just felt really off. I don’t know. I’m not saying it’s not a great episode! There’s just… nevermind. I’ll just get to it.

On this week’s episode our special guest is the (self-proclaimed) Improv King Clancy Smathers! We hadn’t seen or heard from Clancy in awhile and to be honest I was fine with that, but apparently he’s become somewhat of a fan favorite. And we’re nothing if not generous to our fan(s) here at Dave’s World, so here you go! Round two of Clancy Smathers!

We also do a Popeye Round-up, friends of the show Bruce Springsteen AND Matt Damon call in and we have a four-way discussion about the last X-Files episode and we top it off with a Facebook Round-Up! Enjoy!

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