Episode 055 – Excelsior Deo

We have not one but two special guests on the show today! Co-hosting with us is our friend Bill! Bill is brand new to the show and literally the only person we’ve had on who isn’t some kind of weird freak with a complex and an agenda. Well, as far as we know anyway.

But if there is one thing we DO know about Bill, it’s that he LOVES comedy! And that brings us to our second guest – “New York City’s Comedian” Mickey Spanelli! Mickey was kind of enough to bring his special flare of New York Attitude all the way to the Dave’s World Studios to share some jokes, some laughs, and some dog food. Wait, what? Dog food??? HA!! What’ll we think of next??

Note: Sorry about the technical glitches at a couple of spots. While they are unfixable and weird, they also sound kind of cool.

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